Save the Ice-Save the Bears MUG


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'Save the Ice.... Save the Bears. Few sights in the natural world are more heartbreaking than watching polar bears struggling to survive on the ever-dwindling Arctic ice flows. Moved by a TV documentary I created an acrylic painting 'Thin Ice'
Help spread the message with this attractive mug.

The Blurb

A Durham style mug is a standard 10oz mug with diameter of 8.2cm and height of 9.5cm

The are certified dishwasher resistant up to 2000 cycles (BS EN 12875-4 for the nerds) but who’s counting? They are also microwave safe (handy if your kettle goes kaput!)

Whilst I would like to say that my mugs are shipped in indestructible boxes, all packaging materials used are as kind to other otters (and everything else) as possible.

All of my items come with a no quibble money back or exchange guarantee no matter what the reason.

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