Arty Otter Pops Up In Town Centre

What a great venue the Little Red Creative Studio proved to be. Luton's Alternative Sellers held a pop up Christmas Market yesterday at the venue.

The Arty Otter was there bright and early to nab his favoured spot.

Why by a window in the corner? Well one of the cool things about the studios is that it overlooks Market Hill the site of the Corn Exchange - meaning my first Luton Heritage painting virtually replicated the view out of the window... albeit 70 years earlier. 

The venue is just a few steps away from the Cheapside entrance to the Mall and utilises the upper floors of what was Saxones shoe shop back in the day before the Arndale. The studio is very light and airy and has a handy coffee bar in a corner and additional creative is upstairs. Which brings me to the only negative I can think of.... stairs. Situated on the first and second floors the space is pretty inaccessible to those with mobility issues which is a great shame.

After the hurly burly of Keech last week it was nice to have a change of pace and meet friends and customers in a more relaxed setting and there were some interesting art and craft on offer I especially like Daryl's mixed media paintings.

All in all a pleasant Sunday which will hopefully grow into a more regular event.

A good spot in the corner

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